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Fred A. Markowitz   31/Dec/2001:04:04:34
I find your website very informative and enjoyable, Pat. My grandparents
and great grandparents, and, I'm sure, their predecessors lived in the
pink area of Ermland that you show on your map of East Prussia. I am
assuming that BlankenSee (now Blanki Lake) is within that area. They
lived in a small village named Freudenberg, located a few kms south of
BlankenSee. Augustin and Maria Gralki Markowitz, my grandparents, were
Catholics and very active in the liturgy of their Church. The Markowitz
men were woodworkers,that is, carpenters, cabinet makers, wagon makers.
My grandmother, Maria,was well known for her fine embroidery work. The
family loved music. My father, August, Jr., played violin and cornet.
I would love to visit the land where they lived. My father was born in
Freudenberg and came to America with his parents and some relatives in
1890. I continue to research the Markowitz and Gralki families.
Catholic Church records seem to be the most promising source. Thank you
Karin   29/Dec/2001:15:10:15
Your Ermland page has answered many questions for me ...thankyou.
I have been researching my grandmother's family; ROSA HEDWIG
KAEDING/KADING from Rossel. Her father Carl Augustus B:19.5.1869 -&- her
mother Luise Falk B:1840 from Scharfennort District Rastenbug.
ROSA married Paul Max Gustav Koller from Christianstadt in Berlin.
In 1901 they came to Australia with 6 children. Anyone with any
information on the above I would appreciate a contact.
Patricia Lang   22/Dec/2001:06:27:46
I am looking for information on a Heinrich Kaiser -&- wilhelmina (Schmuck)
Kaiser. I have a lot of papers for citizenship and travel papers.
But they are in German--I do not speak or read it.
I am gress this part of German papers. I think
He is son of Johnn Heinrick Kaiser and I think Pauline (Kuhn?)
I do know Wilhelmina (Minnie) Kaiser went to OLIWA catherdal I do not
know where that is in Germany. Sure could use help, suggestion,
directions---all is welcome!
Thank you for your time. Patti
Patricia Lang   22/Dec/2001:06:08:50
Enjoy your site.

I am looking information on JOHN LANG born: circa 1760 died: before
1832, place unknown
He married Anna Marie Neurenburg, and they only had one son, or I
should say that I know of--

His son JOSEPH JOHN LANG born: Aug 10, 1784(1) in Prussia
died: Jan 5, 1846(7) in Detroit, Michgian. He is buried in Assumpation
Grotto Church, Gratiot Ave.
Joseph married widow Mrs. (William) Catherine Schmidt she was born
1788 in Germany she died May 22, 1863 Grosse Pte, Michigan.
Catherine had 5 children all changed name to Lang.
When Joseph was 55yrs. and Catherine was 47 Joseph was born (who is
the Lang which our line belongs)
Joseph was one of orginal settler in Detroit,

Joseph was born Prussia I do not know where, church records here
just said Prussia.
Thank you for your time ----- PATTI
Martin Kossendey   12/Dec/2001:06:23:18
Wer hat Informationen über die Herkunft des Namens Kossendey. Mein
Großvater Franz Kossendey wurde 1872 in Bottowen/Kreis Ortelsburg
geboren und wuchs auf dem landwirtschaftlichen Hof seines Vaters im
Kreis Rößel/Ermland auf. Die Lage des Hofes ist mir nicht bekannt.
Knapp dreißigjährig verließ mein Großvater seine Heimat, um im
Ruhrgebiet als Bergmann ( Zeche Nordstern) eine neue Existenz
aufzubauen. Mein Vater ist mit seinen sieben Geschwistern in
Gelsenkirchen-Buer/Beckhausen aufgewachsen. Die Verbindungen nach
Ostpreussen sind wohl von Anfang an nicht sehr stark gewesen, nach dem
2. Weltkrieg gab es seitens meines Vaters und seiner noch lebenden Ge-
schwister wohl keinerlei Kontakt zu möglicherweise in Ostpreussen (und
hier - wie ich vermute - besonders in den Kreisen Ortelsburg, Sensburg,
Rößel, Heilsberg und Rastenburg) lebenden Verwandten mehr.
Schulz,Siegfried   06/Dec/2001:19:17:07

I am looking for the names Bordihn, Reiss(Reihs ?), Anna Schwarz and
Anna Kruschewski in that area Bischoffstein, near Rössel.Anna
Kruschewski was born probably in that Area around Bischoffstein, Anna
Schwarz was born around 1820 in Lauterhagen. I am seriously looking for
that family Casimirus Bordihn (born 1841 in Kiwitti(?). He had at least
two children Anton Bordihn (1880) and Andreas Bordihn (1883) and other
ones. Does someone know about Ann Bordih (from Schulen) who lived
probably with farmer Ott ? I hope to hear from you.
Thank you for help in m reaearch
Andy   03/Dec/2001:23:52:58
Hello Patricia and everybody,
god site, I must say! I'm happy, you enjoined my borntown last year!
Find please enclosed links:
1) -Maps,
Adressliste der Landwirte, Kreis Heilsberg , Rößler ect.
- site about a great editorial about Ermlands Pallasts: "Schlösser und
Gutshäuser im ehemaligen Ostpreußen"
-Treuburg/Olecko lädt herzlich ein!
-Gazeta Warmiñska - today Heilsbergs/Lidzbarks Newspaper.
Unfortunatlly in Polish only, but with many older and actual pictures
from the city. /a

best regards from Poland
Sölter Dorlies   28/Nov/2001:07:15:39
I was born in october 1944 in a village called Ramsau near Heilsberg. My
grandfather's name was Wydorski, my grandmothers Borowski. I would like
to know people knowing the surnames or the village.
kind   10/Nov/2001:06:51:47
vielle grüße an die gerigks aus ostpreusen
Dan   04/Nov/2001:05:43:17
Roessel, possiblt from Sodehnen Sosenai.
Georg Weiss Genealogie Weiss aus Paluten im Ermland 16/Oct/2001:01:35:19
Hallo Marjellchen, hallo Lorbass,

Eure Homepage ist super geworden! Wann treffen wir uns in Deutschland
und erzählen über unsere Vorfahren?


Maarten Dietrich Gut   22/Sep/2001:06:27:43
I'm looking for any information about surname Gutt from area of former
Kreis Roessel ( Towns:Seeburg,Roessel and Bischofstein )and Landkreis
Allenstein ( Town Wartenburg ).If you have accsess to Kartei
Quassowski, please find the name Gutt and send me the results from this
I will be grateful for help.
Martin Hoenig marty's of Bungendore 25/Aug/2001:10:51:53
Hello, just did a search for my own name, and found a Martin Hoenig on
your web site. We were both born on the 8th November, I in 1951 he in
1711 ,exactly 240 years to the day apart.I would love to know if we
are related. I do not know much of my family history my fathers name
was Ruldolf Ruben Hoenig, and I think he was born in Berlin.All the
best Marty.PS I live in Australia. .
Andrew Bewernick   18/Aug/2001:01:02:55
I have just started looking for our family origin information and
discovered that our family name is the same as a town in Ostpreussen.

Over the next while I hope to find out more about our family's geniology
and Ostpreussen.
Pauline iles-zuch family 08/Aug/2001:07:06:43
Hello from England!
How great to find this wonderful website!
My interest in Ermland is because my ggrandparents, grandparents and
father were all born in Krämersdorf, then moved to Ramsau. I have the
family history back as far as 1843 but nothing before that. The family
names are Zuch, Nowowieski, Romanski, and Ott (Heilsberg)
Please visit our website and sign our guestbook - in English oder in
Patricia Parenteau   28/Jun/2001:10:06:53

A Great Website! I am searching for the the surnames Buchholz/Bucholski and Braun in Schonwiese. These families also had lines in the towns/villages of Osterode, Neidenburg, Scharnau, Soldau, Konigsberg, Allenberg, and Willenberg. The Buchholz/Bucholski family was in Schonweise as late as 1922.
Other surnames I am researching in E Prussia are:

Baehren, Dalkowski, Doering, Freidel/Friedel, Gruhn, Koenig, Kolakowski, Kollodziezski/Kollodzieyski, Koszinski, Kussakowski, Kuehnast/Kühnast/Kynast, Netzel, Mundelius, Rehfeld, von Retzlow, Ruttkowski, Sawinski, Sawitski, and Willamowski.

I would love to correspond with anyone researching these names and exchange information.
Patricia Parenteau   28/Jun/2001:10:03:55

A Great Website! I am searching for the the surnames Buchholz/Bucholski and Braun in Schonwiese. These families also had lines in the towns/villages of Osterode, Neidenburg, Scharnau, Soldau, Konigsberg, Allenberg, and Willenberg. The Buchholz/Bucholski family was in Schonweise as late as 1922.
Other surnames I am researching in E Prussia are:

Baehren, Dalkowski, Doering, Freidel/Friedel, Gruhn, Koenig, Kolakowski, Kollodziezski/Kollodzieyski, Koszinski, Kussakowski, Kuehnast/Kühnast/Kynast, Netzel, Mundelius, Rehfeld, von Retzlow, Ruttkowski, Sawinski, Sawitski, and Willamowski.

I would love to correspond with anyone researching these names and exchange information.
Natacha   09/Jun/2001:06:59:12

My mother was born in Heilsberg in 1939. Her name was Anne Laure
Boënki. She moved with her sister, Jutta, in Belgium when she was 10.

I am looking informations about their family. I think that her
grandfather's name was Joannes Boënki. Do you know anything about
them ? I don't know where I can find informations about the
name "Boënki".

Anywhere, thanks a lot for the photos. It means a lot for my aunt and
for me too.

joetta   04/Jun/2001:12:51:15
Hello! I am looking for family in the Roggenhausen area. The family I
am sure of is Valentine Roos, Henry and Mary Roos and their children
Jacob and Henry. The came to America in 1851. Any information would
be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Lorenz Berzau, Bonn,   27/May/2001:00:31:58
My greatgrandparents came from the Ermland/Warmia; my greatgrandfather
Adolf Gralki, Catholic, was born in Krämersdorf, Kreis Rössel, in 1883.
Later he moved to Berlin where he died in 1951. Does anyone have any
informations on the Gralki family? I would be very grateful for any
help. Thank You! Regards, Lorenz Berzau
Nora Haberstroh   07/May/2001:03:04:06
My records include Elisabeth/Gerick/Gehrki born in Frauenburg on Jan
18, 1801. Parents Martin Gerick and Theresa Penkwitt of Frauenburg.
Any connection? Regards, Nora.
Stanislaw Grutzmache   03/May/2001:21:58:43
Dear Colleagues, as an English-born Polish speaking member of this
surname , and having Polish born parents who originate from Poland, I
would like to communicate with any relatives in any way connected with
this name and the Pommeranian area of Poland.
Yours faithfully ,
Susan   02/May/2001:23:57:46
It's great to have resources such as this for East Prussian research.


NASCHINSKI from Kunchengut, Osterode Kreis, East Prussia. Related
family names include: RETHKOWSKI, WITWISKI, and RYKOWSKI.

SOKOLIS from Jeschonowitz, Ortelsburg Kreis, East Prussia. Related
family names include: BACHOR and GOETZA.

These families relocated ca 1890s to 1900 to areas in Westphalia:
Schonnebeck, Bochum, Erle, Gelsenkirchen, and Stoppenburg.

Would like to hear from others researching these surnames. Thanks.
Margery Costello   28/Apr/2001:01:37:03
I am trying to find out information about my Grandfather Hans Schulz.
He was from Konigsberg East Prussia. He was born in 1900 and came to
America in 1924. My Grandmother's name was Marie Weichsel also from
Konigsberg. Anyone with any information bring it on!

Thank you
Lara   18/Apr/2001:20:10:22
I signed this book last year sometime and got a few responses, but then
came to another dead end. I am researching my father's family the
"Springborns". Am at a complete standstill and need some help. When
Poland was Ostpreussen there was a town named Springborn, now
Stoczek. I am trying to obtain information about this town and its
residents before it became Stoczek. My belief is that my father's
family surname originated in Springborn/Stoczek. But am unable to gain
any insight whatsoever short of travelling to Stoczek myself. Could
anyone please help me?
GREGG P. PLAPAS   11/Apr/2001:04:16:35
Well i have got this far, maybe you can help get me farther or moreover
where I need to go.My grandfther came from Kiersnowo,Poland but there
are two (2) towns with this name .The one here in ERMLAND the other
located outside of BIALYSTOK.His name was Stanislaw Plapas or Pljapas
dob-Feb.13,1877.any and all insight you may have regarding where I
might find the correct town of birth would be appreciated.I HAVE HIT A
Kathryn Schmidt   03/Apr/2001:23:37:50
You are a lot better than I am. I have yet to complete a Web Page
including pictures from overseas trip taken in 2000. Also visited
Lidzbark Warminsky (Heilsberg). Stayed in Olsztyn and took the bus
with Polish phrasebook in hand. Have been busily trawling through the
Heilsberg Kreis Roman Catholic Parish records via the Family History
Centre for lines back to the 1600s. I recently added the surname TITZ
which makes an appearance on your website. If you would like I can
check to see if some of your surnames appear among the surnames I have
extracted. Happy hunting.
Fam.Praß 02/Apr/2001:04:32:14
die Adresse:
Fam.Praß 02/Apr/2001:04:28:02
We are searching in Ermland,too and in Baden-Württemberg.
Please visit our homepage...
das einzig Lästige hier sind diese cookies!!!!
Martin Rehaag / Deut   15/Mar/2001:00:54:08
Ich habe Einwohnerliste von Wernegitten (Klebowo) und Blumenau (Czarny
Kierz) 10 km östlich von Heilsberg (Lidzbark). Bei Interesse kann ich
diese als Kopie oder Fax zusenden. Daten aus 1936. Name, Beruf, Hofgröße
bzw. Grundstückgröße sind angegeben.

Mein Vater Leo Rehaag ist in Peterswalde geboren, später in Wernegitten
aufgewachsen. Meine Mutter ist aus Blumenau. Meine deutsche Tante wohnt
dort noch auf dem 79 Hektar großen Bauernhof. Er wird seit ca. 20 Jahren
nicht mehr bewirtschaftet. Das Haus ist renoviert worden und im guten
Zustand. Die Wirtschaftsgebäude sind verfallen. Ich habe 1999 3 Wochen
Urlaub dort gemacht und habe dort nur gute Erfahrung gemacht. Bewohner
sind sehr nett, wenn man nicht den Schlaumeier raushängen läßt. So
konnte ich auch ins Haus meines Vaters, welches von Polen bewirtschaftet
wird (Bauernhof ca. 180.000 m², 18 Hektar)Meine Mutter kann polnisch und
schreibt ständig mit dieser polnischen Familie Kielack. Auch gibt es in
den Geschäften alles zu kaufen.
Michael Preuschoff Kreisgemeinschaft Braunsberg 08/Mar/2001:05:46:54
Schöne Grüße aus dem Nachbarkreis Braunsberg!

Ihr Michael Preuschoff

Webmaster Braunsberg
Oda Irene Katharina   03/Mar/2001:06:14:26
I am currently researching the Bludau (von Liechtenau dictus Bludau)
family history for the period when they arrived in Braunsberg Ermland
from Moravia near Olmutz (c.1298).
Any help in this would be most welcome.

Oda Cole-Bludau
David Sosnowski Sosnowski of Pa. Family Page 28/Feb/2001:12:31:20
Very interesting site. My grandfather was born in Gross Purden,
Allenstein and my grandmother was born in Benern, Heilsberg. They were
Catholic and came to the USA in 1923-24. Luckly my grandfather keep
a "Stammbuch".
Trev   26/Feb/2001:21:55:17
Hello to all (former) Warmiaks.

My name is Trev and I am from Britain.

I am currently working with a theatre company from Wegajty, near
Olsztyn (Allenstein)who, amongst other things recreate the traditional
koleda of Poland and the Warmian region (including the wooden hobby

I am hoping to write a doctoral thesis on this subject.

I have interviewed several old residents of the villages (as have the
company members several years ago)and am eager to learn more of this
lost tradition. I would be grateful if anyone has any memories they
might care to share with me.

Apologies for using the Polish names, I am not too familiar with the
German names. I speak very little Polish (but obviously have friends
who do speak it. I speak a little German but pretty basic).

Thank you,

marilyn plattfuss   21/Feb/2001:22:48:22
What a wonderful website for anyone doing research. I am Australian
and my husbands families PLATTFUSS, VETTLER, NETTSTRAETER, SCHWANN and
KRINGS came to Australia from GILLENBERG, GESECKE and BONN Germany
between 1865 and 1873 acording to information I have gathered here in
Australia. When they arrived here they planted vineyards so I am
guessing that this is what they did in Germany.
I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me with any
information on either the towns or the family names that I have
mentioned. I would only be too glad to assist anyone with information
they requested from Australia.
Hoping to hear from someone
James Zander   20/Feb/2001:03:52:13
I am just beginning to research the family name Zander. USA census
informtion tell me that my gggrandfather came from Prussia. The family
left Prussia in 1851 via Le Havre to New Orlenes USA. I do not have a
town or kris location yet.

Thank You

James Zander
Milwaukee USA
Linda Meadows   19/Feb/2001:21:37:20
I am so pleased to stumble on this brilliant website!!! it can only
gives us all a lot of hope and inspiration just to know that we are not
SEARCHING ALONE !! Thank you so much Patricia.
My mother is Eva Margot Norgall, born 16th March 1919 in Konigsberg.
She was fostered by a family in Hielsberg, I am desperately trying to
trace this family, but I do not know the name of them, Eva Margot is
the grandaughter of Ernst Norgall( b 1872).The family in Hielsberg who
fostered Eva from a baby, also had another daughter 10yrs younger, Evas
foster father was in the German Regular Army,and the family were very
strict catholics. Would there be any existing school records from 1924
to 1940 of Hielsberg, or church records for the same period?? If anyone
feels they can help in any way , please do get in touch.
Nadine Ramm Dieter`s Rammpage 19/Feb/2001:06:21:59
I`m from Germany, Delmenhorst near to Bremen in the North.
Your site is very interrsting, my hobby is Genealogie.
Look about : Nadine´s Ahnenforschung and than Wer gehört zu wem.

I wish you a nice day

Nadine Ramm
Angelika   18/Feb/2001:22:34:17
I'm searching for my Uncle FRIEDRICH KARL SENGER, nickname Fritz, born
July 17, 1926 in Danzig (Kowal), last seen in December 1944 in
Widmannsdorf, Goldap-Region, Eastpr. Anybody out there who can give me
some more information about him or the SENGER-family from Danzig (now
Gdansk)? Any help would be appreciated.

Ich suche nach meinem Onkel FRIEDRICH KARL SENGER, genannt Fritz,
geboren am 17. Juli 1926 in Danzig (Kowal). Er wurde zuletzt in
Widmannsdorf Krs. Goldap/Ostpreussen gesehen. Ich wäre dankbar für jede
Information über die Familie Senger aus Danzig. Vielen Dank.
Muriel Gambrel   17/Feb/2001:11:08:11
Searching for birthdate of Adalbert Plohmann, married in 1772 to
Gertrudis Kuhn in Peterswalde?? Adalbert's father was Benedict Ploman,
born in Workheim. Need birth date for Benedict and his wife, and
marriage date. Gertrudis Kuhn christened 1 May 1754 Peterswalde
(Heilsberg). Parents: Petrus Kuhn and Gertrud Schultz, married 5 Nov.
1746 Peterswalde.

Adalbert's son, Antonius, married 16 Nov 1802 Reimerswalde, Theresia
Gerigk, born 25 Aug 1770, Reimerswalde, daughter of Nicholaus Gerigk
born c 1742 Wydrich, Heilsberg, married 25 Nov 1765 to Anna Gross, born
c 1744 Gergendorf, Rossel. Need correct birthdates for parents of
Theresia, and names of parents of Nicholas and Anna, etc.

Thank you for any help or suggestions Greetings from Kanada
Kurt Clasen   14/Feb/2001:01:23:34
Trying to research an ancestor, Joseph Jacobs, born abt. 1829 somewhere
in Prussia. One individual led me to Ermland and this resulting
website. Pretty extensive. Will be back.
Patricia Kobiela   12/Feb/2001:07:51:16
I am trying to find out where my family is from. I stumbled across this
sight. And have found it helpfull and a good start.
Karl Lothar Conrad   12/Feb/2001:05:09:14
I was born in Lasdehnen in 1918/03/17. My family names are Dumschat and
Baltruschat. I went to school at the Volksschule and then to the
Hohere Knaben und Madchenschule.
Rebeca Koitka   11/Feb/2001:01:24:15
Hi !
I was told that my last name KOITKA was from Ostpreussen.
As you are a specialist in that area, could you tell me if it is true
or not? Are there any Koitka´s living there?
I know that my Grandmother lived in Berlin and her parents were named
Josef -&- Elisabeth (Lichtenberg).

Thank you very much for your help!!!

Rebeca Koitka, Zurich
Wolfgang Speer   06/Feb/2001:04:35:08
georg weiss Genealogie Homepage Familie WEISS u.a. 30/Jan/2001:21:06:22
Eure Seite ist großartig! Am liebsten würde ich sie "abkupfern" !
Ich habe auch einen neue HP, würdet Ihr bitte Euren Link änedrn (siehe

Viele Grüße
Dr. Gerald Robert Po   29/Jan/2001:02:41:48
congretulation for this magnificant site
My father was born in Jegothen near Heilsberg in 1934 and as there is
no relative left with my name I was not expecting to find any
information. I was wrong !

Hopefully in the near future I will be able to visit the ermland region
in poland

Best regards

Darrell Wuschke East Prussian decendants of Darrell Wuschke 24/Dec/2000:13:23:58
I was thrilled to come across your website. I am interested in any
information from the Olsztyn region. I have just started researching my
own history and plan a trip to the Mragowo(Sensburg) region some day.
My Dad is from present day Mojtyny (Glashuette). It is 18 Km South
from Mragowo I dont know what to expect when traveling over their so i
found your trip experience interesting. I know no Polish, but some

My uncle in Particular still finds it hard to accept East Prussia as
part of Poland. My family was hit hard like many others and
were very fortunate to find a new home in Canada. Some of my relatives
that stayed in East Prussia were killed by the Russians.
Many came to Canada and many moved to western Parts of Germany.
Elinora Brown   20/Dec/2000:08:01:02
Surnames /Angrick/Pfieffer/Braun/Lingnau/
Waldensee,formerly Pissau Catholic parish Seeburg...
Does this info ring a bell with anyone?
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Fred A. Markowitz   30/Nov/2000:11:05:00
My father(at age 6) came with his parents--August and Maria (Gralki)
Markowitz--to America in 1890 from a village then named Freudenberg in
East Prussia, near the Blacken Sea. They were Catholics and, I am told,
very active in their church's music program. August Markowitz was a
cabinet maker and wagon maker. Maria did fine embroidering. I am
looking for any information that might lead me to relatives still
residing in that region or to information about the region itself. My
father, also named August (Jr.), was in the building business, home
building mainly. I will deeply appreciate any leads.
Karin Elliott   04/Nov/2000:13:19:32
To-day I have learnt that my grandmother's family whom I have been
researching for quite a while with no results is from Ermland, you have
now ignited my flame to continue my research.
I am searching for information on my grandmother Rosa Hedwig KADING
born 19 May 1869 (Catholic)inRossel East Prussia daughter of Carl
Augustin Kading m Luise FALK daughter of Johann Falk m. Elisabet LANGE
of Falten Kries SENSBURg
There were6 children in the family Anton, Johanna, Auguste -&- Bertha who
married Paul GDANITZ- children Erna Sahm -&- Willy .
Rosa KADING married Paul Max Gustav Koller in Berlin 10 March 1891
(Ev. Lutheran). They migrated to Australia in 1906.
Is there anyone with information on these families please.

Hubert Woelky 17/Sep/2000:19:00:04

ich habe begeistert Ihre Homepage gesehen. Ich forsche im gleichen
Gebiet. Wenn Sie auf meine Seite gehen, werden Sie viele bekannte Namen
finden. Meine Urgroßmutter ist eine geborene SCHLEGEL und der Stamm WOLK
/ WÖLK / WOELK(Y) kommt aus dem Ermland.
Gruss aus Berlin
Hubert Woelky
Julie Williams   12/Sep/2000:03:57:54
Thanks for the great information on your web page. I'm hoping that
someone who visits this page will help me try to locate my great-
grandfather's family.

This is what I know: Ignatius or Ignatz Kretschmann came to the US on
the ship named "America" which left the port of Bremen and arrived in
Baltimore, Maryland on 11/8/1888. Unfortunately, there isn't a village
listed for him and since he was the only Kretschmann on this ship I'm
not sure if he left parents and siblings behind. At the time of his
travel he was 21 and listed his occupation as a mason he was also

If anyone has come across any information, please get in touch with me.
Marion Peine   03/Sep/2000:19:54:05
you have a very nice page.
I saw on the list of surnames the name Kretschmann. I search the name.
The grandmother from my grandmother, was a Marie Wilke and she
had married in first a Kretschmann in East Prussia. She was born between
1850 and 1865, I think. Then she went to Berlin. Do you have more
information about Kretschmann, that you don't have on your page?
Greetings from Germany
Waltraud Render-Geni   02/Sep/2000:23:01:29
Ich erforsche im Ermland sowohl die Vorfahren meines Grossvaters
Franz SCHACHT als auch meiner Grossmutter Katharina, geborene SCHACHT.
Sie wohnten zuletzt in Eschenau Kreis Heilsberg. Die Geburt meines
Großvaters und seines Bruders August habe ich im kath. Kirchenbuch von
Glottau gefunden.
I am searching in Ermland/Warmia for my Grandfather Franz SCHACHT and
Grandmother Katharina, nee SCHACHT. At least they lived in Eschenau
county Heilsberg. The birth record from Franz and his brother August I
found in the catholic churchbook from Glottau.
Ich wuerde mich über Kontakte mit anderen Ermland-Forschern freuen.
I would like to get in contact to other Ermland-searchers.
Waltraud Render-Genilke, Berlin

Walter Henry Schmied   24/Aug/2000:09:22:50
This is one of the best sites I have found in my many years of
research. I shall refer researchers to this site.

AS usual it was no surprise that my family is not listed. Apparently
the family changed the name from Schmidt to Schmiede around 1885.

Good hunting!
Elisabeth Hilary von   11/Aug/2000:20:51:35
L. Clark, formerly L   08/Aug/2000:13:01:36
I have come to a complete dead end in the research of my father's
family, the Springborns. It seems that my relatives preferred not to
have any records of themselves. It has been a difficult road, being as
all of them have passed away, so there is no one that can help, until I
found this site. The map of Ermland and the listing of the places of
birth for some of the family members, has rejuvinated me. This site was
the first one, and as far as I know, the only one that has mentioned the
town of Springborn, Ostpreussen, now Stoczek, Poland. I am hoping that
someone out there has some information, and information whatsoever on
the town and/or the surname of Springborn. Please, can someone help me?

L. Clark/Springborn
Megan du Toit   07/Aug/2000:00:34:46
It's amazing you've managed to find so many relatives. How on earth did
you manage it?

My great grandmother Bertha Schmidt came from East Prussia (via
Konigsgnade) to Cape Town 1860/1861 age 10 with 2 sisters and 3
brothers Johan Martin and Anton and parents Johan (a Baron) born 1818
and Rosalie born 1820. The family were Catholics and either Bertha or
Rosalie came out in the service of Lady Browning. When Johan went back
after the Prussian wars to reclaim his lands he could not get them
back - they had been confiscated. Never been able to find out anything
except what my late father knew from his father and one of my aunts has
this idea Bertha was a cousin to Queen Victoria (Prussia? England? who
knows). Sometimes I wonder whether Schmidt was an assumed name.

We were told quite a bit but haven't even managed to find a Catholic
baptismal register for East Prussia. If you get around to reading this
I'd be grateful if you'd give me some pointers.
Dorothy Noak Rotherm   24/Jul/2000:21:36:41
Enjoyed your information. I am researching a great-grandmother and
grandmother who came from Posen(that is all we know) in 1876. I found
a record at Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston, of Henriette Ottilie
Wendland, christened Dec. 17, 1848 in Posen, Jaegersburg.Parents:Samuel
and Henriette Schulz Wendland. I understand the new Polish name for
Jaegersburg is Srednica. Would love find some reference to them in a
church register or civil regristration. Would like to share
Carl Dixon Prothman Prothman 15/Jul/2000:10:21:34
Great web site! I found your web site via a search for "prothman" on

Note, I did find a web site that shows that Valentin Prothman was Anton
Prothman father.
Leon Seyferth   09/Jul/2000:11:00:59

I need any information about Andrew Seyferth born July 01 1826 in
Germany. He married Paulina Emily Knauer. She was born December 11
Leon Seyferth   09/Jul/2000:10:54:21
GRUTZMACHER STANISL   05/Jul/2000:00:37:13
Is there any connections between the Grutzmacher and the
Gruetzmacher family trees or are the two surnames not related to each
Apparently both families have something in common , the origins
of both - Pomorze or Pomerania, have a link with the areas of residence
of a majority of the above named families.My family claim allegiance to
the Polish nationality and there are some distant relatives residing in
Germany or Holland.My grandmothers family name was KURDYS and my
grandfathers Grutzmacher but with umlau or " above the letter u , which
is typical of many German sounding surnames.
Would anyone in the know , give me some directions as to the
possible links as I have been studying the inetrnet web and there are
so many likely leads that it is getting confusing but very fascinating !
Stanislaw W. Grutzmacher
Hans Schmid   30/Jun/2000:11:26:39
I am researching
Gallowski family of Mehlsack, Ostpreussen
Odentowski in Kirschdorf, Ostpr.
Family Kuhn and Kewitsch, Gross Boessau, Ostpr.
David L. Carpenter   25/Jun/2000:09:05:30
My great-grandmother was born in Mehlsack, East Prussia about 1865.
Her maiden name was Marie Bacholl. I have been told that Bacholl is
pronounced as in Pacholl. I have found that researching this area is
not easy. I believe that the town name has been changed to Pianzino,
Olstzyn province in present day in Poland. In about 1890 the family
shows up in a small town about 40 miles from Berlin. I would like to
know why they made such a long move in those days. Also the mixed
marriage of my Great-Grandparents. She was definetely catholic. Her
father was believed to be Michael Pacholl.
Patricia Baido Pats Web Page 14/Jun/2000:12:49:56
I hope that everyone interested in Ermland genealogy signs this
guestbook. It may help with all of us researching in this area of East
Prussia.Would love to hear from anyone!


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