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Darrell Krueger   28/JUL/2002
My name is Darrell Krueger I'm from Saskatchewan Canada my Grandmother Vera Stellmacher was born in 1899 Mariendorf Kreis East Prussia. She immigrated in the early 1920's. I'm just trying to find out what the polish name of Mariendorf is today. I'm also trying to find out other siblings names and birth dates and detailed history of this area. I was quite close to my Grandmother but she would never tell me about her life there in East Prussia I tried but she would not let me in.
Aly (ANgrick) Coe   12/JUL/2002
Hi! This was very interesting. I had always heard that the "ANgrick" name originated in Estonia. Now I'll have to do some more research.
Colleen Graham   10/JUL/2002
I enjoyed your well researched site. My research is also in East Prussia, - Warnald (near Ukta), Nikolaiken, where the names are SENK -&- STOPKA.
August SENK immigrated to New Zealand in 1875. He was a farmer -&- he came over with a lot of Polish immigrants to escape being forced into the prussian army under Bismark. His mother was Amalie STOPKA. The church records have been filmed by the LDS, back into the 1700's. Good luck -&- greetings from New Zealand,
Colleen Graham
Nancy Heilsberg   13/JUN/2002
I have often wondered where my people came from. All I knew was that my Great Grandfather was from East Prussia and nothing more.
It was interesting to find a town in old East Prussia with my family name.
Nancy Overkott (Heilsberg)
mike fleegal   06/JUN/2002
I just found your site and I am now begining to translate a postcard from germany written in cursive. Thanks to your site I can tell what the cursive letters are
Ron Silberbach   30/MAY/2002
Have just found you great site. I am from Britain and i am researching my family history. My 3X Gt. Grandparents were JOHANNES FLOENTINUS SILBERBACH and his wife CHARLOTTE WILHELMINE (nee MEHLS) they married in 1816 in Konigsberg and went on to have 9 children all of whom were born in Konigsberg. CARL FREDRICH SILBERBACH was my 2X GtGrandfather born in 1822 in Konigsberg, he came to England in 1847 and married in Shadwell Middlesex. He unfortunately died in Finchley, London,England in 1907.
My other Prussian Families were PAHLKE, ROMECK, GLOCKLER. My families were Sadlers and Malters in Konigsberg.
I would love to hear from ANYONE who has any connections with these names.
Kind Regards Ron
Anders Askman   29/APR/2002
Hej. Jag bor endast 250 km från Königsberg och har alltid undrat hur landet Ostpreussen ser ut, hur människor är. Landet känns mycket avlägset, lite kusligt efter 1945 då tyskarna fördrevs. Jag och en lärarkollega besökte Rastenburg maj 2001 och besåg Wolfschantze, vilket i sig var en skrämmande upplevelse. Vi vågade oss ej på att besöka Kaliningrad men funderar på detta lite senare. Just nu studerar jag lite genealogi kring Ostpreussen. / Anders A, Helsingborg Sweden
Wanda 14/APR/2002
Charming presentation. Your site is delightful.
Charlotte Sayer   17/MAR/2002
Hello! My father, Johannes Piepereit, came from Metgehten, a village/small town on the railway line just West of Konigsberg. His father was Emil Piepereit and his mother was Minne Gezork.
My dream is to visit the area one day, but I don't know enough yet and feel that I would waste precious time there without enough information. If it's there, I would like to visit Minne's grave, she died before World War II. I would also like to see if there's anything left of our family buildings - a house, a brickworks.
Is there any possibility of meeting up with someone who speaks English and knows something of the history of the area? Is that asking too much?
Thank you for the website.
Bordihn Klaus   27/FEB/2002
My ancestors were grown up in Landau near Klackendorf near Bischofstein near Rössel. The land was too poor, to grow up all 8 or 9 Children, so one brother moved over to Bischofstein and so on. The oldest sister married to a "Kretschmann" and stayed in the family*s house. It is said, the family roots are to be found in Heilsberg
Leo Fox   24/FEB/2002
Durch Zufall habe ich Ihre Homepage vom Ermland gefunden. Sie ist sehr interssant fuer mich, da ich auch Ermlaender bin und dieses Fruehjahr eine Reise nach ueber 50. Jahren mit meiner Tochter so wie meinen Brueder aus Deutschland dort hinn machen Leo, Wauwatosa Wiscosin 2/23/2002
O.Walter   12/FEB/2002
Hello, my granmothers name is Anna Graw. Her mothername was Manfrass. She was living in Bischoffstein. Her husband was a banker at the Reichsbank. She died a couple of years ago. Maybe someone from the Insterburg/Rastenburg/Königsberg-area heard the name Graw before and could provide some information. THX
Herbert Schulz   30/JAN/2002
Very interesting page to visit.Our family were part of that church in Ermland,we were driven out of Westprussia in 1945.My grandparents on my Father's side were killed there.These grandparents lived in Neuendorf 2km south of Tolkemit.
Hans-Peter Bludau   24/JAN/2002
Hallo, who can help me? I search for my genealogy. My grandfather, Anton Bludau, son of Anton Bludau and his wife Bertha, geb. Klinger, was born on 8.11.1884 in KleinElditten/Kreis Heilsberg. Who know something of this line?
Hans-Peter Bludau   24/JAN/2002
Hallo, möchte meine Ahnenliste erstellen und hoffe, hier Informationen zu bekommen. Mein Großvater Anton Bludau wurde am 8.11.1884 als Sohn von Anton Bludau und Bertha, geb. Klinger, in KleinEditten/Kreis Heilsberg, geboren. Wer kann weiter helfen?
thomas kewitz HomePage: Las Alpujarras 17/JAN/2002
Zunächst die Frage: Warum bin ich HIER gelandet, nachdem ich den Namen Odentowski in die Suchmaschine gegeben habe? Scheint ja recht "nah" zu sein, wegen Ostpreußen.. First the question: Why I did landed right here by giving in the name Odentowski?? Seems to be hot ´cause of Ostpreußen... Andere Frage: Wer hat Verbindung mit lebenden Verwandten der Polkehns aus Königsberg? Who does have conection to living relations of the Polkehn´s from Königsberg: Linie: AnnaLuise Kewitz, geb.Polkehn; deren Mutter: Antonie Emma Caroline Polkehn; deren Vater: Carl Polkehn verheiratet mit Caroline Polkehn, geb. Bundfuhs(Buntfus; Mutter von Carl Polkehn: Sophie Krüger, geb.Polkehn. Anna Luise war meine Großmutter, Mutter meines Vaters, und soll mir sehr sehr ähnlich gewesen sein. Gruß Thomas Kewitz

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