Ermland Genealogy

WHAT AND WHERE WAS ERMLAND ?- - - - - Have a look at my page on ERMLAND here.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY- - - - There is an Ermland Historical Society. Unfortunately they are not on the internet and the society is run on a part time voluntary basis. If you are prepared to write in German and wait, the address is :

Historischer Verein fur Ermland,
Ermland weg 22,
D - 48159, Munster,

Please enclose a few international reply coupons if writing from outside Germany. I have only just found out that I can join and the cost is DM60.00 per year.

Ermlandhaus now have a webpage, take a look at it here.

MY SEARCH. - - - - - - My mother was born in Lauterhagen, Near Heilsberg, Ermland. At the age of ten in 1945 she and her family had to flee. She believed that her heritage and family tree from this area had been lost forever. This web site is a joint effort between the both of us to find more details about our ancestors. All of my ancestors from this area are listed on the next page. After looking at the "names in my search" on the next page, if you want to see more information on the individuals in this list have a look at my other site . (You will have to "Bookmark" now or use your "Back" function to come back to this site) "Names in my Search" List. Please have a look and if you have any questions or any possible Links to my family I would love to hear from you. You can contact me on the E-Mail listed at the bottom of this page.

STARTING OUT?- - - - - For those of you starting your search into Genealogy I have included some "Hints and Tips" for beginners.

LINKS - - - - - - - -I have included two sections for links, One is for general Genealogy Links and the other for sites relating to East Prussian Genealogy Links. If you have a site which would be relavent to this site please let me know and I can place a link here.

ARE YOUR ANCESTORS FROM ERMLAND ? - - - - - - - Do you have any ancestors from East Prussia? If so why not join the ow-preussen-l mailing list. Plenty of great information is being shared here among genealogist interested in this area. It doesn't cost anything and you just may find that missing ancestor or vital piece of information. To join simply send an e-mail to with the following as the text
subscribe ow-preussen-l
do not include anything else in the text portion of the message.

A LIST OF OTHER'S SEARCHING IN ERMLAND - - - - - - Other Genealogists searching for ancestors from Ermland are listed here . If you have a personal web page with ancestors from Ermland please let me know and I can add your site here.

My search continues. Please do not hesitate to contact me as I would be more than happy to help with your search.

Below are 3 Civic Arms from this area. I found them at a great site. Link here to visit that site .

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