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1. Have a look at this site for literature available. It is is German so you may want to try Alta Vista Translations.

2. On-Line bookstores are available. Try this one which compares the prices from 25 bookstores in one go. ACSES - On line.

3. VFFOW - The Historical society for family history for East and West Prussia have publications for sale.


As yet I own very few books on this subject, but I hope to add to my collection. If you would like me to do a look up, please feel free to contact me by E-mail, as I am more than happy to do "look ups".

1. Woiwod/Woywod . A book by Mary Hirst (A Woiwod decendant) The book is a personal story about Mary's search for the Woiwod name. So far Mary has traced her Woiwod ancestors back to the town of Jegothen, north of Heilsberg. ( I have been fortunate enough to have met Mary and purchased a copy of the book from her, which was written and published in Australia!)

2 . BAUERNLISTEN aus dem Furstbistum Ermland von 1660 und 1688 von Dr A. Triller, geb. Birch-Hirschfeld ( a gift from a very special Ermland contact )

3. Die Bevoelkerung des Ermlands 1773 Herausgegeben von Reinhold Heling und Brigitte Poschmann ( purchased through the VFFOW )

4. School Bible circ 1929. School bible from the school in Napratten. Foreword by the Bischof von Ermland - Augustinus. ( One of the few possesions taken from Ermland in 1945 by my mother .)

Ermland Bible

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